Ayçiçeği Bicycle Valley

Bicycle trail with international organizations

Ankara Space and Aviation Specialized OIZ

730 hectares in the field of space and aerospace in order to support the domestic industry is an important project …

Kızılırmak Tımarlı Irrigation Project

Çankırı and Çorum is an important project where 77500 decares of land have reached water …

Lujo Bodrum Hotel

Bodrum Güvercinlik

Erzincan Vasgirt River

Approximately 5 km long river bed flood protection and rubber dam projects

Eşik Hydroelectric Power Plant

Transmission of 40 m³/sec water to the basin at the exit of Gerede Tunnel and energy production

Erzurum Science, Museum, Nature and Education Park

A giant project with 7 museum buildings, 350 bed hotel, shopping mall and 100.000 m² pond.

Ankara River Flood Protection and Recreation Project

Flood and Recreation Project around the Ankara River

AnkaGES Car Park Roof

10 MW Solar Power Plant with 13.000.000 ₺/year revenue expected in Ankapark

Yeşilırmak Archimedes Screw and Rubber Dam

200 kW HPP and Rubber Dam on the Amasya Yeşilırmak

NETSU has achieved dozens of successful projects and has brought modern and innovative solutions to engineering problems and has made a name for itself in energy and infrastructure services with international experience with 10 years of experience in the sector.
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